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PoK DPs fight for legitimate demands: Suri

jammu, jan. 12: S. O. S. International - An Organization for PoK Displaced Persons fighting for the legitimate rights of displaced persons have entered into 17th day of Indefinite Chain Dharna under the chairmanship of Rajiv Chuni.


The dharna has been lead by Rajesh Suri accompanied by Capt Tirath Singh, Pritpal Singh, Harnam Singh, Sansar Chand & Gurbachan Singh. Suri alleged that we people choose the law makers & send them to Assembly & Parliament to frame rules/laws for the welfare of common people but to our dismay that these law makers have closed their eyes and ears for we people who are struggling on the roads for demands under constitutional rights but they have not walked even an inch to address our grievances.

Suri said that these MLAs & MPS never discussed the issue of PoK Displaced Persons in the Assembly or Parliament as they have their own axe to grind which shows that justice delayed has not only been delayed but denied also.

Suri said that during 1971 war India captured 90000 Pakistani soldiers & it was high time the Indian government could have negotiated to seek back PoK so that we people could have lived there peacefully at our homes & hearths, but the Indian Government lost that opportunity. "Government of India entered into negotiation at Prime Minister, Foreign Minister & Foreign Secretary level with Pakistan on many occasions but it is most unfortunate the Indian government never talked or impressed upon the Pakistan Government to vacate illegally occupied areas of J&K State called PoK & for the rehabilitation of PoK DPs for their peaceful settlement.

Suri said that it's the wearer knows where the shoe pinches as this society is still living in mental trauma where families and relatives were butchered mercilessly & their dead bodies left there in decay condition even were unable to perform their last rights and that pain & mental trauma is still haunting us even after the lapse of more than 7 decades. "Despite all these happenings being the true Indians always stood for their Country but have been denied of their legitimate rights, which is more painful" he added.

Suri warned the government to mind its way & sit across the table for negotiations with team S. O. S. Intl for full and final settlement of their legitimate demands.

The indefinite chain dharna is being held over the main 6 key demands viz. implementation of the whole package passed by State Cabinet in October 2014 for PoK Displaced Persons, provide facilities to all displaced at par with Valley Migrants, reservation of 8 seats for people displaced from PoK in J&K Legislative Assembly, permit PoK DPs to visit to their religious places in PoK, inclusion of 5, 300 PoK DPs families living outside the State in the ambit of package passed in October 2014 and return of cash deposits with interest to PoK DPs lying with J&K Bank Mirpur.


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