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“Assault on women in Mehbooba rule reprehensible”. Mrs. Manju Singh to sit on fast outside CM residence for justice

Jammu,March 19 :

Peeved over the immunity granted to BJP workers who assaulted her and her husband and JKNPP Chairman Harsh Dev Singh on 17 March on their way to their ancestral village, Mrs. Manju Singh today threatened to  sit on fast outside CM’s residence if all the perpetrators of heinous crime were not immediately booked under law. She said that her husband had been receiving threats of physical elimination from several BJP workers in the past but regretted that none took cognizance despite repeated complaints to civil and police administration. She said that several notorious characters belonging to BJP had issued threats of killing her husband in open public meetings which were video-graphed and relevant footage provided to police authorities which, however, had refused to take cognizance in view of political patronage enjoyed by the offenders. She said that abusive language and filthy comments were often posted by these notorious characters against her and her husband with a view to cause provocation but these were also disregarded by the Police authorities who were dancing to the tunes of their political bosses thus giving encouragement to such mischievous elements.


          Terming the episode of March 17 as the most brazen act of impudence and wanton criminality, Mrs. Manju Singh sought initiation of immediate criminal proceedings against the offenders and all these involved in the conspiracy from behind scene. “How could the Mehbooba led govt grant immunity to those who assaulted a woman in full public view”, questioned Mrs. Singh. “Being a woman should you not act against those indulging in immodesty and outrageous conduct against women?  Should you also not stand for respect for the dignity of women who are being publically abused and thrashed by proclaimed offenders? Or should you justify all this and grant immunity to those obnoxious elements only because you can’t afford to offend them in view of the political crutches provided by them for your support?”  Said an anguished Manju Singh.


          Seeking indulgence of Hon’ble Governor and CM, Mrs. Manju Singh said that BJP would be squarely responsible for any harm to the person of Mr. Harsh Dev Singh. She announced to sit on indefinite dharna outside CM’s residence in case the culprits involved in the dastardly attack on her and her husband were not brought to book.


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